I’m honoured to be recognized as a VMware vExpert for 2015…this is my 4th year as a vExpert and without doubt the passion that drives this community remains as impressive as ever. There are now over 1000 vExperts worldwide and while I have questioned the swelling of the vExpert numbers over the past couple of years I believe that the community is as strong as ever and the nomination/vetting process undertaken by the team at VMware ensures all those that get the badge…earn it. There are tens of thousands VMware IT Professionals worldwide…to be 1 of 1000 is very unique!

About 10 months ago I renamed by blog to Virtualization is Life! and reflected on how my career path had shifted from traditional hosting and moved more towards virtualization…a direction driven out of what I was able to achieve over the past couple of years which I contribute in a large part to becoming a vExpert in 2012

Over the last 12 months I’ve been able to increase the frequency of posts on this site and I was lucky enough to present at the Melbourne and Sydney VMUG User Conferences as well as a TechTalk community session at VMWorld 2014. I also continue to champion VMware products through my role as Lead Architect at ZettaGrid…all while staying engaged and entertained on Twitter where the vExpert community is strong.

I wanted to point out a blog post and shout out to Dan McGee who I met at a partner dinner at VMworld last year. We happened to sit across from one another during the dinner and engaged in some general chit chat…I was humbled to hear that Dan knew of my blog as was a keen follower on Twitter…once Dan told me his Twitter handle I recognised the work he had been doing for his local VMUG. As he mentioned in the post he was the guy on stage during the vExpert Gameshow where he got to sit down next to VMware Legends…this community lets us engage with industry leaders and there was no better example of what Dan was able to do that afternoon at VMworld.

Finally I call on all vExperts to be passionate about virtualization…engage with work and industry peers and always look to serve the community…we collectively do some pretty amazing things with pretty amazing technology…we are privileged…and we should feel privileged to be in a position to share, teach and learn with others.