Australia Day with @aussievMafia #100

In celebration of Australia Day …and this blogs 100th Post… I have put together an RSS Widget that feeds from the AussievMafia site. RSS Feed Widget The AussievMafia are a group of Aussie’s who are passionate about Virtualisation…myself included! The content that’s fed into the page is well worth the follow. Copy and paste the feed […] Read More

Platform9 Introduction

I came across Platform9 while wandering the back halls of the VMWorld Solutions Exchange last year in San Francisco…as a fan of the movie District 9 I was drawn to the name without really knowing anything about the tech being shown. After a brief chat with the booth staff going over product I thought to […] Read More

Working Through Frustration

The tweet below was posted last night…24 hours later I have found myself in a much better place and certainly free of the thoughts that caused me to vent and I even might have taught myself a lesson… Generally frustrated at the moment…need to try and refocus and push through! Things not quiet happening as they […] Read More

NSX vCloud Retrofit: Logical Network Preparation and Transport Zone Setup

This blog series extends my NSX Bytes Blog Posts to include a more detailed look at how to deploy NSX 6.1.x into an existing vCloud Director Environment. Initially we will be working with vCD 5.5.x which is the non SP Fork of vCD, but as soon as an upgrade path for 5.5.2 -> 5.6.x is […] Read More

vCloud Director SP: VM Metrics Database Configuration Part 1

vCloud Director SP 5.6.3 was initially released in October 2014 was the first of the SP Editions that had been forked from the Enterprise 5.x builds that came before it. VMware delivered on their promise to release vCloud Air Features to Network Partners. One of those features was VM Metrics. Virtual machine monitoring: Expose current and […] Read More

The Internet of Things…Flawed Hype!

Over the last 10-15 years there have been many buzz words and phrases conceived by IT professionals which are then hijacked by marketing spinsters that end up being loathed by people within the IT community. Y2K, ASP, Cloud, Big Data, Single Pane and Glass, The Internet of Things, Hyper Converged, Webscale…and more recently Hybridity (shudder). Over the […] Read More


Time flies when you are having fun! 2014 from a work point of view was challenging at times…but overall I felt a lot was achieved. In my last couple of new year posts I’ve talked about work/life balance and looking back at 2014 I can say that overall balance was maintained…I’m pretty lucky to work […] Read More

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