vCloud Air and Virtustream – Just kill vCloud Air Already?!?

I’ve been wanting to write some commentary around the vCloud Air and Virtustream merger since rumours of it took place just before VMworld in Auguest and I’ve certainly been more interested in the whole state of play since news of the EMC/VMware Cloud Services spin off was announced in late October…the basis of this new […] Read More

The Power of Network Automation: How a Huge Low Turned into a Great High!

A few weeks back at Zettagrid we released our NSX Advanced Networking product that we have been working on for the best part of 12 months. I’m particularly  proud of this release as it represents a significant realisation of a vision myself and others have had in trying to integrate NSX into the Zettagrid IaaS platform. Furthermore the […] Read More

Ninefold: Going Head to Head with AWS and Using Opensource is Risky in Cloud Land

Today Ninefold (an Australian based IaaS and PaaS) provider announced that they where closing their doors an would be migrating their clients to their parent companies (Macquarie Telecom) cloud services. And while this hasn’t come as a surprise to me…having closely watched Ninefold from it’s beta days through to it’s shutdown it does highlight a […] Read More

M$ Price Hike: Is the Race to the Bottom Over?

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft raised the prices of Azure, Office 365, CRM Online and other enterprise cloud services across Australia, Canada and Europe. In the Azure AU Region prices were increased a hefty 26% and there has been a significant outcry from customers and partners alike. The reality is that for partners who resell Azure […] Read More

Working Through Frustration

The tweet below was posted last night…24 hours later I have found myself in a much better place and certainly free of the thoughts that caused me to vent and I even might have taught myself a lesson… Generally frustrated at the moment…need to try and refocus and push through! Things not quiet happening as they […] Read More

The Internet of Things…Flawed Hype!

Over the last 10-15 years there have been many buzz words and phrases conceived by IT professionals which are then hijacked by marketing spinsters that end up being loathed by people within the IT community. Y2K, ASP, Cloud, Big Data, Single Pane and Glass, The Internet of Things, Hyper Converged, Webscale…and more recently Hybridity (shudder). Over the […] Read More

In Vendors We Trust! Storage is God…

I tweeted recently that IT Professionals at some level must love pain…All through my working life I’ve dealt with outages and issues that cause myself and other around me significant amounts of agita and pain. The IT industry is unique in that we, as professionals must deal with issues that to a certain extent are caused […] Read More

Differentiate…Or Die?

I spent the last week on holiday in the Wine Region of Western Australia’s South West. I’ve been holidaying down south since I was a teenager and I’ve seen the region transform over the years…I can’t speak for the years prior to my time spent around Margaret River, Dunsborough and Yallingup, but I had a […] Read More

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