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vForumAU 2016 Recap: Best Event In Years!

Last week I was in Sydney for the 2016 edition of vForumAU…I’ve been coming to vForumAU since 2011 and this years event was probably up there with the best that I have attended in that time. For the past couple of years the event has had to shift venues due to the Sydney Exhibition Center being knocked down and rebuilt and in that time the it’s been at Luna Park and Star City Casino…both of which presented their own challenges for VMware, sponsors and attendees. This years event was held at The Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park which offered a perfect venue for the event and helped deliver on what was a great vForumAU.

Adding to the venue was the calibre of speakers that VMware ANZ was able to bring out for this years event…in fact it was the best lineup that I’ve seen or heard of outside of VMworld. We had Pat Gelsinger, Kit Colbert, Paul Strong and Bruce Davie to add to the local VMware talent and given that this event fell after both VMworld US and Europe, I felt that the content was more complete in terms of announcements, products and overall strategy and vision.

I heard Pat deliver the keynote at VMworld US a few months back and the deck was largely the same, however I felt he delivered the message better and talked to the key points around VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy a lot more concisely and with a lot more tact in terms of ensure that vCloud Air Network providers where still very much in the reckoning for VMware’s future strategy around Hybrid cloud. There is no doubt that the partnership’s with AWS and IBM has caused some unease in the vCAN but every key slide had vCAN representation which was pleasing to see.

The Cross Cloud Foundation is something also that still sits uneasily with a lot of vCAN Providers but I have to admit that the tech preview of the Cross Cloud Platform was very very slick and shows how much VMware has changed tact when it comes to playing with other public clouds. There is no doubt that Cloud is the new Hardware and VMware want to be there to manage it and offer it’s customers tools that do the same. Hybrid cloud is here to stay, and they hyper-scalers certainly have a share…however on-premises and partner hosted IaaS will remain significant and relevant for the next 10-15 years.

Moving on from Pat’s keynote there was a super session Technical Keynote that was held after lunch that featured 20-30 minutes on every new product enhancement or release that has been announced of late. From vSphere 6.5 to VSAN 6.5 and a look at NSX futures as well as VMware’s container platforms this was a brilliant couple of hours of presentations. Highlights for me was Paul Strong talking VSAN, Kit Colbert going over the various Photon platforms and Bruce Davie talking around NSX extensibility into AWS. Of note was Bruce Davie (who also presented at the main keynote) who I have come to seriously admire as a speaker over the past couple of years.

The Sponsors hall has a very VMworld feel to it this year which elements of VMworld brought to the event such as VMVillage, special lounges for All Access Pass visitors and probably the best food that I’ve experienced at a vForumAU by way of specialised food trucks bringing a wide array of foods to enjoy. Though the first day wasn’t as well received by exhibitors (AAP attendees pay for sessions, not so much visiting sponsors) in talking with some people on the booths, the second day was very busy and the venue and location had everything to do with that. Again well done do the VMware events team for bringing the event to The Royal Hall of Industries.

Finishing off this recap, once again there was great spirit and community around both sponsors and the attendees to which the venue offered a great chance to catch up socially with people from the VMware community and that fact shouldn’t be lost on the benefit of attending such an event. And while I didn’t attend the offical party I heard that it went really well and was highly entertaining with a lot of food!

Well done to VMware ANZ for putting on a great event!

As a side note, I also attended my final VMware vChampion event on the Wednesday morning where Kit Colbert facilitated an open discussion on containerised platforms and the new continuous integration and continuous deployment methodologies that are creeping their ways into mainstream IT. Again, thanks to the vChampion team!

vForumAU 2016: vBrownBag TechTalks

With vForumAU 2016 less than a week away it’s time to talk about what the vBrownBag crew will be up to next week in Sydney. If you don’t know what the vBrownBag TechTalks head here for an overview…but in a nutshell the crew offer the technical community a platform to present on topics that are more social than sales and marketing and allow those that participate a public platform from which to interact with the community.

The Sydney vForumAU edition still has a few slots available so if you are going over to vForumAU next week and want to get something off your chest that the VMware community might find informative…head to the site below and register.

Below is a snapshot of the talks that will feature next week:

  • Matt Allford – Using Vester Project to Enforce vSphere Configuration
  • Frank Yoo – What is RESTFul API and How to use it
  • David Lloyd – Building an Elastic Bare Metal Service
  • Luis Concistre – Microsegmentation VMware Horizon and NSX
  • Brett Johnson – Disaster Planning and What’s new in vSphere 6.5


vForumAU 2016: #VMDownUnderground

vForumAU is just over a week away and for those that are in Sydney for the event and are around a day earlier should cancel any existing plans and attend VMDownUnderground that is happening at the King Street Brewhouse from 6pm. The little brother of the VMworld US event is running for a sixth year and it’s a great way to kick off the vForumAU week and also gives you a rare opportunity to mingle with the local VMware community as they gather from all across ANZ.

Returning for an amazing sixth year, VMdownunderground will again help you get in the social mood before vForum in Sydney. This is a great way to catch up with people from out of town and meet new people who work in virtualisation.  Taking place at the new venue of King Street Brewhouse, on Sydney’s amazing water front. Places will be limited, so get yours early.


Numbers where a little on the low side as of last week which is crazy given how well received this event is in the US (and the fact there is free food and booze), so please circulate this post if you know of anyone else who is going to be around Sydney next week and drag them along to the evening…I am sure it will be worthwhile and did I mention that attendance is free with sponsorship of the event provided by Veeam.

Secure your ticket here.


vForumAU Week in Review

Another vForumAU has come and gone and upon reflection it was possibly the best event I’ve attended since my first one back in 2011. This year the venue for vForumAU was Luna Park Sydney…partly due to the redevelopment of the Sydney Exhibition Center but chosen ultimately as the venue to Celebrate the 10th Australian vForum by the VMware ANZ team.

Prior to the event I held a lot of concern around the choice of venue, but I found myself commenting throughout the event that it ended up working brilliantly as a venue. My reservations where based around attending with Zettagrid as a Gold Sponsor wondering if we could get value out of a venue that may distract attendees due to the party atmosphere. In truth the opposite happened and not only was the Solutions Exchange filled for most of the two day event…overall there was a buzz around the venue. From an exhibitors point of view the feeling was that the relatively close confines of the Solutions Hall created a VMworld like environment and the sessions where well attended.

From a delegates perspective having been to VMworld (and tracked Barcelona Online) the content was nothing new for myself and a wider group of vExpert/vChampions …the only real new news was the worst kept secret in VMware ANZ circles around the Q1 2015 Launch of a vCloudAir Zone in Australia…and while the news about vCloudAir coming to ANZ wasn’t new I was a little surprised that the first site would be in Melbourne and not Sydney.

While I have mixed feelings about vCloudAir landing one thing I am glad to hear is VMware continuing to mention Service Provider Partners in the vCloudAir Network as viable and trusted alternatives to those that don’t see vCloudAir as a fit…again, the level of partner support VMware shows puts to shame Microsoft’s Azure strategy/reality both globally and regionally. I will be interested to see how vCloudAir goes against Azure and AWS over the next 12 months…the value proposition is fundamentally different and suits the majority of the Australian Market who have current investment in vSphere and ESXi.

The Solutions Exchange dominated by VMware Ecosystem Partners and once again new age storage dominated the floor. In all honesty the choice we have at the moment for storage is fantastic and its an exciting time to be vetting storage solutions with vendors. Zettagrid was the only Hybrid Cloud IaaS Provider in the room which was interesting, though there where a few other providers of managed cloud in the Cloud Pavilion…certainly the usual crew of providers where not out in force this year…not sure exactly what to make of that, but as someone who works for the most credentialed VMware Service Provider in Australia I’ll take it!

Apart from the above the two days was spent networking and mixing with members of the VMware Community and fun was had at the Party on Wednesday night…Luna Park made the event fantastic and for a moment there where a number of grown up nerds where taken back to their respective childhoods as you can see from the pics below.

Overall a great couple of days which was bookended by a brilliant vChampion Briefing Session where we where lucky enough to have Kit Colbert talk EUC futures and also had sessions on NSX by members of the local NSX Team and Ray Budavari. As vChampions we do get spoiled a little by KJ, Grant and the Team but the spirit and passion of the group to evangelize the technology is how we can repay VMware.

Though others might think we see the world through vRose Coloured Glasses the reality is there is no better Virtualization Stack from a maturity, reliability and innovation point of view…People commenting on VMware’s relevance diminishing due to the rise and rise of PaaS and other Cloud Technologies may need to step back and spend the time looking at what’s about to drop over the next 12-18 months…It’s going to be a great time for the industry and I’m going to enjoy the ride.