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Quick Fix: Horizon Workspace : Error creating admin user “ hostname in certificate didnt match: !=”

I came across this issue yesterday while trying to deploy a new instance on Horizon Workspace 1.0 in a POC environment. Having installed the vAPP a couple times previously, I made sure that DNS (forward and reverse entries) was setup correctly as per my first blog post on Horizon Workspace setup.

The vAPP deployment went through without any issue and appeared to complete successfully. When it came time to go through the Workspace Setup Wizard and configure the database (internal in this case for the POC) I received the following error:

Error creating admin user “ hostname in certificate didnt match: !=

A pretty self explanatory error, but what caused it? A little digging around various blog posts I came across a few similar examples. In my case (as listed in that post) logging into the configurator-va cli as root and running the following commands fixed my issue.

So this command is run during initial setup via the configurator-va during the deploying SSL part of the install. For some reason when I checked my gateway-va before re-running the command the SSL cert was mismatched to the internal DNS name of the server and not the FQDN initially chosen during the setup.

At this stage, I don’t know why that happened (suspect reverse DNS issues), but after I ran the commands above the gateway-va SSL cert was relative to the FQDN and the internal database creation was successful.



For those that had been keeping up with my Twitter feed over the past couple of months, you may have picked up on the hashtag #direction being used a couple of times. This # was used to sum up an overall feeling of frustration about where I was in many aspects of life, but specifically in regards to my professional career…At times, as workers we can start to feel isolated and stuck in a day to day repetition. Also…sometimes its just time for a change for the better!

Without this post becoming a forum for me to vent, I came to the realization that even though I was 100% focused on my role and in that became heavily invested emotionally in my area of responsibility I failed to sit back and contemplate where it was all going?

Did my passions match that of my employer?

No doubt on many levels that was certainly the case, but at some stage I realized that the areas I had previously invested time into where no longer the areas that drove me. I use the example of Hosted Exchange, which was the source of my passion for years leading up to me becoming focused on high availability hosting solutions and finally leading me into virtualization and cloud technologies.

About 6 weeks ago a great opportunity presented itself to join the team at ZettaGrid (who are part of the Zetta Group of Companies) and take up the role of Infrastructure Architect Operations. The role is focused on maintaining and managing ZettaGrid’s vCloud, VPS and Hosted VDI platforms (which has been recognized and awarded as an industry leader and innovator) as well as helping to research and deliver the next generation of Cloud Platform IaaS. The role will help fuel my passion for cloud technologies and certainly challenge me technically to continue to grow and continue to learn as I move into the next stage of my IT career.

I’m extremely excited to have joined such a focused company that is totally clear on its path and direction in delivering cutting edge Cloud technologies and has invested in a lot of very smart people to help deliver on that direction. In my first week I’ve literally been blown away by some of the IP that’s been developed to automate vCloud and other technologies…If you are interested in what ZettaGrid is all about, we will be attending the VMware Solution Series across Australia, and we will be at vForum 2013 in Sydney later in the year.