vCloud Director 5.5 Upgrade: Database Upgrade Issues

Generally speaking upgrading the vCloud Director binaries is a pretty straight forward task. It’s a two step process where the Cell’s are upgraded first followed by some update scripts run against the vCloud database. Finally database Indexes and Statistics are updated. In the last 6-8 months I’ve worked through 1.5 -> 5.1 and recently 5.1 […] Read More

How-To: vCloud Director and Log Insight

Recently v2.0 of VMware Log Insight became GA, and I’ve been playing around with it since it’s release. Having been on the BETA of the 1.5 Version the 2.0 Version is streets ahead in terms of usability and completeness. Living day in and day out within vCloud Director I decided to look at hooking up […] Read More

Veeam Cloud Connect

I’ve written a couple of posts around the pain of backup products and I’ve talked about a world where we backup independent of the Application. Storage platforms like AWS S3 offer a place where objects can be stored for safe keeping and accessed upon request. There is a catch to that kind of storage in […] Read More

NSX Bytes – Unicast Transport Zone Creation Error

One of VMware NSX’s best features is the ability to have the VXLAN Control Plane working in Unicast Mode…removing the requirement for Multicast traffic on the underlying Physical network. This is a significant step forward in that Multicast often created issues for traditional network teams and getting it retrofitted to an existing platform was often […] Read More

NSX Bytes – Controller Deployment Gotchyas

There are a lot of great posts already out there in regards to install and configuration of NSX. Rather than reinvent the wheel I’ve decided to do a series of NSX Bytes relating to a couple of gotchyas I’ve come across during the config stage. This post will focus on the NSX Controller deployment which¬†provides […] Read More

Follow Up: The NSX Roadblock

About 7 weeks¬†ago I wrote a post detailing my frustration at the way in which VMware’s NSX was being trickled out into the market place and the hefty caveats that where involved in getting ones hands on NSX…even for dev and test purposes…The basis of my arguement was that while I understood the general stratagy […] Read More

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