New Book: Learning VMware NSX

Last year I was asked by @rjapproves if I would be interested in reviewing a book he was writing on VMware’s NSX-v platform. Ranjit approached me and was interested in having me as a technical reviewer based on the blog content I had done around NSX as part of the NSX Bytes series as well as the […] Read More

vCloud Air Rumours – vCAN in Focus…Again | VMware Rethinks Strategy

Well…the news isn’t great filtering out over the internets about the VMware Job Cuts and the apparent clipping of vCloud Air’s wings. While this is yet to be 100% confirmed nor are there any specifics about what it actually means for the vCloud Air Network. If what I am reading is true and no more […] Read More

Veeam 9 Released – What’s in it for Service Providers…and their Customers

Last week Veeam released v9 of their Backup & Replication platform and I went through an listed out the top new general features of the v9 release. In that post I purposely left the features that relate to Veeam Cloud Service Providers as a dedicated post is fitting for the improvements and enhancements added around Cloud […] Read More

Dealing with a Revoked vCenter SSL Certificate

Certificates and VMware don’t go together like a horse and carriage… And while I’ve never really had a major issue with SSL certs in VMware mainly because on a personal level I am ok with using self signed or default certificates (queue security nuts) I was forced recently to change a publicly signed vCenter SSL […] Read More

Veeam 9 Released: Top New Features

This week Veeam released to GA version 9 of their Backup & Recovery product. It’s a significant release for Veeam for a number of reasons and after having attended their VeeamOn event Las Vegas late last year I believe this v9 release is their best to date and is representative of a company that’s listened […] Read More

Quick Fix: vCenter 5.5 Update 3x Phone Home Warning and VPXD Service not Starting

This week I’ve been upgrading vCenter in a couple of our labs and came across this issue during and after the upgrade of vCenter from 5.5 Update 2 to 5.5 Update 3a or 3b. During the upgrade of the vCenter the error below is thrown. It’s an easy one to ignore as it only relates […] Read More

Quick Fix: Python Error When Removing PernixData FVP Host Extensions

Came across an issue this morning trying to remove old 2.0 PernixData FVP Host Extensions from an ESXi 5.5 Update 3a Host. When running the uninstall script I was getting the error shown below. There is an old known issue with the version of Python that gets installed with the latest updates of ESXi 5.x […] Read More

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