Seems that all bloggers I follow these days post a review on the year that’s been…in a short summation, my 2013 was extremely satisfying. Reading through my January 1st 2013 Post from last year, I managed to achieve my ultimate goal of greater work/life balance. This was done ultimately with a change in company and […] Read More

Upgrading vShield Manager 5.0.x – A Leap of Faith Upgrade

Having recently just completed the upgrading our vCloud Platform from 1.5 to 5.1 I thought it best to share my experiences around the upgrading of the vShield Manager Component of the vCloud Suite. There are plenty or reference articles out there on the on the general flakiness of the vShield Product and it certainly appears […] Read More

Nested ESXi – Reduced Network Throughput with Promiscuous Mode PortGroups

We have been conducting performance and stress testing of a new NFS connected storage platform over the past month or so and through that testing we have seen some interesting behaviours in terms of what effects overall performance relative to total network throughput vs Latency vs IOPS. Using a couple of stress test scripts, we […] Read More

vCenter SSO 5.5 Backwards Compatability: Mixed Mode Install

While at a post #vFourmAU event last week a group of us where talking about SSO in vCenter 5.1 and what a disaster it had been (credibility wise) and that VMware had done their best to improve the experience in the 5.5 release. Out of that conversation came word that if people where looking to […] Read More

vForum 2013: Session Details

vForum returns to the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center next week and I’ll be attending for the 3rd year in a row, but this time around I’ll be there with ZettaGrid as a Platinum Sponsor, and also as a VMware vChampion. The vChampion Program is run in APJ and brings together a group of dedicated […] Read More

Quick Tip: Disapearing Datastore Cluster in vCloud after adding Datastore to vCenter with Storage Profiles

Had an interesting occurrence pop up early in the week while we where adding a new Datastore to a vCloud Hosting Zone. We are running vCloud Director 5.1.2 and have implemented two tiers of Datastore Cluster from which the Provider vDCs can consume storage from. We went about adding a new datastore to the SATA […] Read More

Course Review: VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale 5.1

While it’s fresh in my head, I thought I might get a short post up reviewing the Optimize and Scale Course I just completed this week. Overall I was impressed with the course content and in summary it has plugged a few knowledge gaps and reinforced key technology fundamentals. Course Description: This training course, for […] Read More

Differentiate…Or Die?

I spent the last week on holiday in the Wine Region of Western Australia’s South West. I’ve been holidaying down south since I was a teenager and I’ve seen the region transform over the years…I can’t speak for the years prior to my time spent around Margaret River, Dunsborough and Yallingup, but I had a […] Read More

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