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Rubrik: Firefly for Physical, RoBo and Multi-Cloud

Rubrik have today announced an expansion to their existing Converged Data Management Backup Appliances adding Cloud Data Management that leverages Rubrik’s data protection that is “Cloudy” and topology agnostic. They have also announced the ability to backup more physical workloads and an virtual appliance for remote or branch offices. They also announced the raising of $61 million in Series C funding led by Khosla Ventures which takes their total in raised funding to $112 million since early 2014 and adds to the impressive list of investors in the startup.

The four main features being added in Firefly are:

  • Physical MSSQL
  • Physical Linux
  • Virtual Appliance
  • Erasure Coding

These additions are now fairly standard in the industry and great to see Rubrik adding them to their arsenal. The MSSQL features installs a connector service that becomes an endpoint that handles communications between the Rubrik brick and MSSQL server. The Linux feature actually covers both physical and virtual Linux severs and provides the ability to restore file systems, paths or files.

The Edge appliance is an OVA deployment of Rubrik for remote or branch offices which can be used to replicate and archive to a physical appliance. Azure blob storage has also been added as an archival location. The erasure coding will deliver approximately 2x capacity and increase storage utilization and efficiency.

This new release builds on the features added in 2.0 like Role Based Access Control which was sorely missed from the original releases. There is also enhanced compliance reporting and log and audit monitoring and have built on their encryption and security features.

Overall more good news from Rubrik and looking forward to seeing them continue to improve and add features during and after VMworld. If you want to know more about Firefly you can book a one on one at the Rubrik booth here.


New Rubrik r528 – Targeting Encrypted Backup Market

Rubrik have today announced an expansion to their existing Converged Data Management Backup Appliances adding the secure backup focused r528 to the rXXX appliances. They have also released version 2.2 of their hardware plus software backup platform which introduces a couple new features to the Rubrik Management UI. The r528 is a targeted shift for Rubrik aimed at looking to secure what was historically a niche part of the backup market but one that has become a more sort after feature so that backups can not only be there for recoverability…but also for security and encryption at rest.

The r528 comes in a 2U Appliance Brik and has 2 nodes per appliance. Each node contains 1xSSD and 6xHDDs of which the drives are rates for FIPS 140-2 L2 Self encryption and U.S Government NIST validated. In addition to that the r528s have all the same great features and interface goodness of the existing Rubrik Briks. Encryption at rest is done via Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) and is completely secure if a drive is removed. The Rubrik Cryptographic Library that secures the data will be certified via the Common Criteria at the EAL2+ level.

Converged Data Management 2.2

As mentioned above, Rubrik have also announced version 2.2 of their software platform which adds a bunch of new features.

  • Enhanced Auto Protect and SLA Inheritance
  • Enhanced Performance Based Throttling Detection
  • Increased Scalability
  • Cluster Policy Enhancements
  • Proxy Connection Support
  • NAT Support for Public Replication
  • Enhanced UI and Management

The new enhancements in 2.2 are more tweaks than new features as you would expect in a point release however it shows that the Rubrik team are listening to their customers as many of the new enhancements where direct requests from existing clients such as the proxy and NAT support as well as the ability with the Cluster Policies to achieve more granular SLAs and set blackout windows and have the ability for a global pause of cluster activity for maintenance tasks.

In terms of scale, Rubrik are now claiming 40 nodes capable of backing up 10,000 VMs under vSphere 6.0 and quicker live mount performance which includes Storage vMotion of VMs to primary storage. They have also introduced better latency monitoring thresholds to avoid possible impact to production workloads.

Overall more good news from Rubrik and certainly an interesting play releasing a specific use case type of appliance in the r528. Looking forward to seeing them continue to improve and add features in the lead up to VMworld.





Rubrik Hands On: Initial Setup and Configuration

Why Veeam’s software-driven, hardware agnostic approach makes sense for backups


Late last year I attended a bloggers briefing for the launch of Rubrik Converged Data Management where the secondary storage startup announced version 2.0 of their hardware plus software backup platform. This week Rubrik will be presenting at Tech Field Day 10 and have just relaunched their website to coincide with some new announcements.

Is it safe to say backups are cool again…and even though Veeam have been making backups cool for a while Rubrik are looking to raise the bar and make backups even cooler and above all…highly salable and trustworthy.

For an overview of what Rubrik is and what it’s trying to achieve, click here to go through my introductory post. Below are some screen shots and a quick walk though of the Rubrik setup and first configuration steps taken from the POC box that I have in the Zettagrid Labs testing with the help of Frank Yoo.

Why Veeam’s software-driven, hardware agnostic approach makes sense for backups

Initial Setup and Configuration:

As with most startups these days the initial setup and configuration is heavily guided with the help of a Rubrik engineer…they even offered to fly out the resource (Frank) to do an onsite install over here in Perth which wasn’t required. After racking and stacking the R344 series appliance we connected up a laptop to the same subnet as the management network ports. The setup is fairly automated and makes use of the Bonjour service as well as the inbuilt smarts Rubrik have baked in.


Once the initial node has been reached via a web browser you are ready to set up the default admin user and you go through and configure the basic network settings (note these can’t be modified later without getting into the backend) and NTP configuration.

You next set each of the four nodes Management and Data addresses. The data network will be used to talk to the ESXi hosts and act as the pathway to mount NFS shares for VM restores.


After about 5 minutes you are ready to log in. The architecture of the Rubrik block is such that you can hit any of the IP addresses to enter the management UI.


The interface is fluid and simple to operate with a number of informational dashboards throughout the various menu options.


From the Top Right Configuration Icon you can work through the different options and the Rubrik team have made it straight forward to configure users, add target vCenter instances as well as setting replication and archive endpoints.

Why Veeam’s software-driven, hardware agnostic approach makes sense for backups


You can add multiple vCenter servers and all you need to connect is the IP address and a vCenter account with the necessary privileges.

You can also connect to an Active Directory domain for user authentication however this feature is still a little underdone and doesn’t let you do any role based access control yet.


Once connected to AD you get a list of all users from which you can modify through the UI and grant access permissions to.


The left hand menu is used to navigate through the Backup operations as well as reporting.



Why Veeam’s software-driven, hardware agnostic approach makes sense for backups

The static images don’t do the UI justice and as you can see below there is lots of details when it comes to node configuration, usage and overall health as well as current IO throughput numbers and disk performance.

So there is a quick walk through of some of the main screens of the UI as you install and configure the Rubrik Backup Appliance for the first time. It really is a quick start to finish from the time the nodes are first powered up to when you are able to do your first VM backup and there isn’t too much to grasp in terms of mastering the interfaces knobs and dials.

I am hoping that there are some more great announcements at TFD10 that further enhance the feature set included in v2.0 and I’m looking forward to going through a few more blog posts around setting up SLA Domains that essentially dictate backup frequency as well as the archival and replication features that are currently available.

Why Veeam’s software-driven, hardware agnostic approach makes sense for backups

Rubrik have well and truly shaken up the backup market and that can only serve to increase the quality of all vendors in the space as backups continue to be a challenge within IT.


Rubrik – Converged Data Management 2.0 Announcement

Rubrik is a company a lot of IT Professionals have been keeping an eye since release of their v1.0 Appliance back in May. Their industry DNA is extremely impressive and with an equally impressive technical team they are set to shake up the B&R industry. I was thoroughly impressed with the Virtualization Field Day presentation (and the Chris Wahl coup) so it’s no surprise that they have come out big before VMworld 2015 with the release of v2.0 of their Converged Data Management Platform as well as unleashing a new Hybrid Cloud Appliance.

For those who where looking to compare the v1.0 version with existing Backup technology players in the market there was certainly a few shortcomings in the platform (mostly around general usability and reporting)…but for the most those have been addressed in v2.0 and I feel now with features like detailed reporting and capacity planning to go along with stronger application aware backup processing and an enhanced user experience through their UI that sits on top of their awesome hardware accelerated backup platform they have reached a point where a lot more potential clients will start to take serious notice of the benefits Rubrik brings to backups and replication.

Rubrik are dead set on creating a product that adheres to all the modern tech methodologies shown above…with that they offer a truly next generation approach to a part of the industry that is still somewhat stuck in the dark ages of tape and legacy backup management…and they have a very slick UI!

I’m looking forward to diving a little more into what Rubrik has to offer and get my hands dirty with some hands on experience…also looking forward to catching up with Rubrik at VMworld.

Release Notes:

Rubrik Converged Data Management introduced the industry’s first data protection and instant recovery, while eliminating backup software. The release of version 2.0 packs replication and disaster recovery into the same, scale-out fabric.

  • Unlimited, non-disruptive replication – Asynchronous, deduplicated, WAN efficient, multi-way, and master-master native replication with zero impact on production.
  • Integrated policy engine – Complete data protection, including off-site replication and cloud archival, by selecting desired RPOs and retention within a single integrated policy engine.
  • Disaster recovery with near-zero RTO and elastic RPO – Failover and failback with complete data management among multiple sites. Mount your data directly on Rubrik for instant off-site recovery.
  • Compliance-readiness with action-oriented reporting – Replication policy compliance, including notifications on areas to troubleshoot. Rubrik r348 Hybrid Cloud Appliance
  • Rubrik extends its r300 Series by introducing the r348 Hybrid Cloud Appliance, which is optimized for larger environments or those requiring longer data retention. The r348 is a 2U unit with four x86 nodes that protects up to 300+ TB of data and comes pre-configured with Rubrik

VMworld Session:

Ohh, if you want a chance at winning the Lego shown in the picture below, make sure you attend Chris’s session STO6287-SPO …I’m trying to work out how I’m going to fit all that in the suitcase 🙂