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Quick Fix: Specified vCloud Director is not supported when trying to add vCD 9.1 to Veeam ONE

Back in May when VMware released vCloud Director 9.1 they also depreciated support for a number of older API versions:

End of Support for Older vCloud API Versions

  • vCloud Director 9.1 no longer supports vCloud API versions 1.5 and 5.1. These API versions were deprecated in a previous release.
  • vCloud Director 9.1 is the last release of vCloud Director to support any vCloud API versions earlier than 20.0. Those API versions are deprecated in this release and will not be supported in future releases.

Due to this, and being mid release cycle, Veeam ONE had issues connecting to vCD instances that where running version 9.1.

The error you would get if you tried to connect was:

Over the past few months i’ve had questions around this and if it was going to be fixed by way of a patch. While we are waiting for the next release of Veeam ONE that is due with Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 there is a way to get vCD 9.1 instances connected into the current build of Veeam ONE.

There is a HotFix available through Veeam Support to resolve the Known Issue. It involves stopping the Veeam ONE services, replacing a couple of DLL’s and then re-starting the services. Once implemented Veeam ONE is able to connect to vCD 9.1.

So if you have this problem, raise a support case, grab the HotFix and the issue will be sorted.



Veeam One: Free Edition Powerful And Worth A Look!

Veeam don’t just do awesome Backup & Replication software…they also have, what I think is a highly underrated operations and management and capacity planning platform called VeeamOne. VeeamOne isn’t a new product and in fact it’s been around for a number of years and Veeam pitch the platform against competing products like VMware’s vROPs and other analytics platforms currently on the market.

Veeam® ONE™ is a powerful monitoring, reporting and capacity planning tool for the Veeam backup infrastructure and VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments. It helps enable Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ by providing complete visibility of the IT environment to detect issues before they have operational impact.

Awesome for VCSPs:

I had previously installed v7 and v8 of it in trial form for lab production testing using the 30 day full version trial key but hadn’t installed v9 until last week. What tweaked my interest this time around was the fact that the Free Edition (see below for feature comparison) has full unrestricted support for Veeam Cloud Connect monitoring and reporting. By way of a bonus it also has excellent reporting into vCloud Director instances and in my opinion is a great tool for any Veeam or VMware Service Provider offering Cloud Connect and/or vCloud Director.

For Cloud Connect it gives you a complete overview on what’s happening with all Tenant Jobs and resources and provides excellent detail on the state of all Cloud Connect resources. It also shows you current and historical Cloud Connect Gateway statistics on connections and throughput.

For vCloud Director the Dashboards drill down all the way from Provider to Organisation to vDC to vAPP and to VM level and provides an interesting and useful operational insight into the health and state of vCD resources and objects.

Veeam One Features Comparison:

As mentioned above Veeam have the totally free edition of Veeam One which as seen above is feature rich for VCSPs. But one other thing to consider is that you could deploy the 30 day trial to perform onsite analysis of customers environment as a consulting play or as a way to gather information before moving workloads into IaaS providers.

Head to the link below to download either the Free Trial or Veeam One Free Edition.