NSX Bytes: Updated – NSX Edge Feature and Performance Matrix

A question came up today around throughput numbers for an NSX Edge Services Gateway and that jogged my memory back to a previous blog post where I compared features and performance metrics between vShield Edges and NSX Edges. In the original post I had left out some key metrics, specifically around firewall and load balance throughput […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 5 – SSL VPN-PLUS

Overview: The SSL VPN-Plus feature has been around since the VSE 5.x days and as I’ve found out was possibly the best underused feature of the VSE. Contributing to it’s lack of use was the fact that the functionality was not exposed via vCloud Director so one of the best use cases for the SSL VPN remained […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 4 – Generating Self Signed SSL Certificates

Overview: With the VSE and NSX Edges there are a number of features that can take advantage of Certificate services both as authentication mechanisms and for more traditional SSL Server Certificate termination. In both the VSE and NSX Edges you have the ability to Generate or Import a certificate with the following being a quick […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 2 – High Availability

Overview: High Availability in both VSE and NSX Edges ensures Edge Network Services are always available by deploying a pair of Edge Appliances that work together in an active/passive HA cluster Pair. The primary appliance is in the active state and the secondary appliance is in the standby state. The configuration of the primary appliance is replicated […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 1 – Feature and Performance Matrix

I was having a discussion internally about why we where looking to productize the NSX Edges for our vCloud Director Virtual Datacenter offering over the existing vCNS vShield Edges. A quick search online didn’t come up with anything concrete so I’ve decided to list out the differences as concisely as possible. This post will go through […] Read More

NSX vCloud Retrofit: Upgrade Issue – Edge Gateway Unmanageable in vCloud Director or Deployment Fails

We have been working with VMware GSS on an issue for a number of weeks whereby we were seeing some vShield Edge devices go into an unmanageable state from within the vCloud Director Portal. In a nutshell some VSEs (version 5.5.3) where stuck in a Configuring Loop upon the committal of a Service Config change. […] Read More

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