Leap Second Bug: Worth a Double Check…

In 2008 I vividly remember the impact that leap year/day/seconds can have on systems that are not prepared to handle the changes in time or date. It was the 29th of February and at the time I was working for a Service Provider offering Hosted Exchange services based on Exchange 2007. All off a sudden […] Read More

PernixData – Giving FVP Away! #VFD5

At Virtualization Field Day 2015, PernixData CTO Satyam Vaghani presented to the VFD5 delegates on some of the new features being released by PernixData. Personally speaking FVP is already a great product and at times I wonder what more can be done to make it better. However from what I have heard and now seen at VFD5…PernixData are not […] Read More

Quick Fix: vCloud Air Gateway Unreachable

I’ve just come across a situation in my vCloud Air On Demand Service where the Edge Gateway was showing up as unreachable. Given vCloud Director is backing the vCloud Air Platform I identified this as a rare, but familiar occurrence of the vShield Edge VM either not being deploying correctly, or somehow loosing connectivity with its […] Read More

Announced: Veeam 9 Cloud Connect Replication For Service Providers

Last week Veeam announced that version 9 of Backup & Replication will feature a new addition to it’s Cloud Connect product…Replication for Service Providers. The version 8 functionality will be extended to include advanced image-based VM replication. The extended functionality will give service providers the ability to provide clients with RaaS (recovery-as-a-service) in the form of Veeam […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 2 – High Availability

Overview: High Availability in both VSE and NSX Edges ensures Edge Network Services are always available by deploying a pair of Edge Appliances that work together in an active/passive HA cluster Pair. The primary appliance is in the active state and the secondary appliance is in the standby state. The configuration of the primary appliance is replicated […] Read More

vCloud Director SP: Upgrading and Applying New License Key

Thought I’d put up a very quick post on the process of upgrading from vCloud Director 5.5.x to vCloud Director SP 5.6.x. Any previous license key that you had associated with your vCD instance will not work once you upgrade to the SP Build. After you upgrade using the vCD SP 5.6.x binaries…upon first login […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 1 – Feature and Performance Matrix

I was having a discussion internally about why we where looking to productize the NSX Edges for our vCloud Director Virtual Datacenter offering over the existing vCNS vShield Edges. A quick search online didn’t come up with anything concrete so I’ve decided to list out the differences as concisely as possible. This post will go through […] Read More

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