SSL Certificate

Dealing with a Revoked vCenter SSL Certificate

Certificates and VMware don’t go together like a horse and carriage… And while I’ve never really had a major issue with SSL certs in VMware mainly because on a personal level I am ok with using self signed or default certificates (queue security nuts) I was forced recently to change a publicly signed vCenter SSL […] Read More

NSX Bytes: No NSX Managers Listed in Web Client After vCenter Certificate Upgrade

Certificates and VMware don’t have a great history and there are a lot of posts out there centered around people’s struggles with vCenter, Lookup Service or Web Client Certificate management. I’ve recently had a little fun with a revoked vCenter certificate (thanks Symantec) that required replacement. Without going into the details of the pain I went […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 5 – SSL VPN-PLUS

Overview: The SSL VPN-Plus feature has been around since the VSE 5.x days and as I’ve found out was possibly the best underused feature of the VSE. Contributing to it’s lack of use was the fact that the functionality was not exposed via vCloud Director so one of the best use cases for the SSL VPN remained […] Read More

NSX Edge vs vShield Edge: Part 4 – Generating Self Signed SSL Certificates

Overview: With the VSE and NSX Edges there are a number of features that can take advantage of Certificate services both as authentication mechanisms and for more traditional SSL Server Certificate termination. In both the VSE and NSX Edges you have the ability to Generate or Import a certificate with the following being a quick […] Read More

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