I’m currently flying back from a week away in Austin Texas attending the first Veeam Tech Expo (inside technical training) in person since June of 2019. It was a long time between drinks to be able to get together with other workmates and just get back into our collective grooves. While we had VeeamON 2022 back in May, this was the first time that I felt some sense of a return to normality post pandemic.

While in conversation with various people, we said that it felt like no time had passed, when in fact it had been three years! I think that point is relevant for a couple of reasons, the first being that in the depths of the pandemic most of us felt some form of despair relating to it never ending. Three weeks turned into three months, that turned into a year, that turned into two and for me, that expanded out to nearly three years of being locked down.

Time passed is time served and now, that we are able to get back to some level of normality, when looking back at that three year period, it is safe to think about it as a small blip in our lives that we have now finally come to the other side and… for all intensive purposes. things have fallen back into place with relative ease. The second point of that initial statement related to that ease of sliding right back into the groove.

It just felt normal to be back with everyone doing what we all do… and more importantly, doing what we love!

What this post was supposed to be about…

Here I am, once again writing a blog post on a plane while connected to the internet with Qantas inflight WiFi. I’ll even publish this post while on-route. I have been pretty slack with my blog content this year… and in fact for the past 12 months or so… content has slowed and if I am being totally honest, the cadence I used to adhere to has significantly lessoned… I often think about how I have dropped the ball on this front, however in recent times I’ve come to be at ease with myself over the fact i’s not pumping two blog posts a week (which had always been my goal since I started this thing back over 10 years ago.. which I will retrospect later this week in another post now that I’ve jogged my memory on that fact)

Yes, my output has lessoned in this format, but to balance that, the Great Things with Great Tech podcast has become a passion of mine and something which I really enjoy doing. If a drop in written content was the shitty thing to come out of the pandemic, then the creation of Great Things with Great Tech was the… well… great thing to come out of the pandemic.

As ironic as it seems, the downtime being grounded at home did not mix well with me and written content creation. I think we where all looking for something different, and for me, that was podcasting in a more serious manor and level of dedication.

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Quick Wrap

End of the day, its great to start to normalize again… and in some ironic way given all the variables of the past few years, the increase in frequency of travel will force myself into more of a groove. I’ve got a lot of content ideas in my head ready to go on various topics in the Cloud and Service Provider world as well as automation, modern platforms and data protection… the content will flow again in some way.

I’ve often told people that the craziness of what was outwardly looking like a crazy busy schedule with little time to do anything was actually the normal I need… the normal I crave… the normal that leads to my balance! I’m sure many of you out there are like me in this fact… let’s collectively get our grooves back!