VMworld: VCAP5-DCA Book Giveaway

Those that have been following my Twitter over the past month or so would know that I took up the challenge to sit and pass my VCAP-DCA at VMworld 2014. After a crazy three weeks of cramming I managed to pass after taking the exam on Sunday. One of the best study materials for that […] Read More

vCHS vs vCloud: vCloud Air Network…VMware Solidifies Partner Relationship

I must admit…I didn’t see this coming! One of my more recent posts a couple weeks ago was related to how VMware would engage with it’s Service Provider Partners with the continuing push of, what was then vCHS. Though I did not want to admit it personally I felt that VMware could take a more […] Read More

VCAP-VDCA550 – Objective 4.4 : Configure and manage vSphere Replication

One of the new Objectives in the VCAP-DCA 550 is around the vSphere Replication Appliance. The Blueprint specifics that there will be one Replication Appliance in the Exam Lab so safe to assume you will be getting a question on vSR. Objective 4.4– Configure and manage vSphere Replication Skills and Abilities Configure and manage a […] Read More

VMworld 2014: #vBrownBag Tech Talk’s

Like a few others out there I was unsuccessful in my session submission for VMworld 2014…With vCloud Director not being flavour of the month at the moment (I counted only 3 sessions on vCD related content) my chances where slim! However I have managed to secure a speaking slot with the #vBrownBag Tech Talk’s which is an […] Read More

vCHS vs. vCloud Providers: The Elephant in the Cloud

A couple of years ago I remember first hearing about Project Zepher which was rumored to be VMware’s first attempt at a public cloud offering…though it wasn’t officially announced at VMworld 2012 it was the basis for what would later become vCloud Hybrid Services. Just after VMworld I wrote this post where I stated: …VMware always being […] Read More

CloudPhysics: Heartbleed Health Checks for vCenter and ESXi

The power of a service like CloudPhysics continues to grow almost weekly as they add new features and Cards. Not only is it brilliant for analytics and metrics but we are now seeing CloudPhysics release cards that aim to help VMware Administrators keep track of possible security vulnerabilities in their platforms. This week they started […] Read More

Hyper-V is better tech than ESXi – What are Microsoft Smoking??

“We are 4x cheaper with better technology versus VMware.” I’ve been fairly open in my opinion against the latest round of Microsoft FUD coming out of their Worldwide Partner Conference this week but I felt strongly enough by the utter crap coming out of their mouths to respond in a post. Turner says MSFT Hyper-V now 4x […] Read More

NSX Bytes: Deploying vShield Endpoint with NSX Manager

I recently had to deploy a solution into our Labs that required the installation of vShield Endpoint VMs to facilitate a 3rd Party service. No worries there…but when I logged into the Lab I was faced with an updated vShield Manager instance which was now NSX Manager…Where the heck do you deploy Endpoints? Where is the […] Read More

ESXi 5.x NFS IOPS Limit Bug – Latency and Performance Hit

There is another NFS bug hidden in the latest ESXi 5.x releases…while not as severe as the 5.5 Update 1 NFS Bug it’s been the cause of increased Virtual Disk Latency and Overall Poor VM performance across a couple of the environments I manage. The VMwareKB Article referencing the bug can be found here: Symptoms […] Read More

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