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vCloud Air Sold to OVH – Final Thoughts On Project Zephyr

I’ve just spent the last fifteen minutes looking back through all my posts on vCloud Air over the last four or five years and given yesterday’s announcement that VMware was selling what remains of vCloud Air to OVH Going over the content I thought it would be pertinent to write up one last piece on VMware’s attempt to build […] Read More

VMware on AWS: Thoughts on the Impact to the vCloud Air Network

Last week VMware and Amazon Web Services officially announced their new joint venture whereby VMware technology will be available to run as a service on AWS in the form of bare-bones hardware with vCenter, ESXi, NSX and VSAN as the core VMware technology components. This isn’t some magic whereby ESXi is nested or emulated upon the […] Read More

HOTP: vCloud Air Japan to be Shutdown!

EDIT 2pm AWST: Seems as though the link and announcement has been pulled so take with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed or otherwise. EDIT 3:15pm ASWT: Link is back.EDIT 5:15pm ASWT: Link is pulled. Will continue to monitor but read below for info as it was earlier in the day.Just saw a tweet […] Read More

vCloud Air and Virtustream – Ok…So This Might Not Happen!

Last week I wrote a piece on the talk around vCloud Air’s demise or more to the point…the often suggested demise of VMware’s Public Cloud Platform. The basis for this talk was VMware’s partnership with Google and the joint venture with Virtustream happening as part of the DELL/EMC Merger. For those that missed that post have a read […] Read More

vCloud Air and Virtustream – Just kill vCloud Air Already?!?

I’ve been wanting to write some commentary around the vCloud Air and Virtustream merger since rumours of it took place just before VMworld in Auguest and I’ve certainly been more interested in the whole state of play since news of the EMC/VMware Cloud Services spin off was announced in late October…the basis of this new […] Read More

Quick Fix: vCloud Air Gateway Unreachable

I’ve just come across a situation in my vCloud Air On Demand Service where the Edge Gateway was showing up as unreachable. Given vCloud Director is backing the vCloud Air Platform I identified this as a rare, but familiar occurrence of the vShield Edge VM either not being deploying correctly, or somehow loosing connectivity with its […] Read More

vCloud Air Network: Zettagrid Cloud Datacenter Signup and VM Provisioning

Earlier in the week I did up a post on the vCloud Air On Demand Signup Process. As I’ve blogged about in the past, VMware reaffirmed their commitment to their Service Provider Partners and created the vCloud Air Network Program with the idea that together with VMware’s own Public Cloud offering…partner Hosted Platforms based on […] Read More

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