#VMworld: First Look – CloudPhysics New Release

Over the past year the guys at CloudPhysics have been relatively quiet compared to the proceeding 3 years since they burst onto the Scene at VMworld 2012. The reason relative radio science has been had was that they have been busily working away on a revamp of their SaaS based Analytics platform…and the results are […] Read More

VMworld: #vBrownBag TechTalks

The vBrownbag Tech Talks are back on again this year at VMworld and it gives those who might have missed out on getting an official session accepted at this years event the chance to present in the Hangspace. The talks go for ten minutes are are mostly community based. There are a number of different speakers […] Read More

NSX Bytes: NSX 6.2 GA and NSX Manager Upgrade

NSX for vSphere version 6.2 was made Generally Available earlier today and there has been some significant updates and improvements to the Network Virtualization Platform from the 6.1.x releases. Most of the improvements revolve around the cross vCenter functionality and enhances to the Distributed features and dynamic routing. There are also a number of operational […] Read More

Rubrik – Converged Data Management 2.0 Announcement

Rubrik is a company a lot of IT Professionals have been keeping an eye since release of their v1.0 Appliance back in May. Their industry DNA is extremely impressive and with an equally impressive technical team they are set to shake up the B&R industry. I was thoroughly impressed with the Virtualization Field Day presentation […] Read More

Platform9 – GA of Managed OpenStack for VMware vSphere

Today, Platform9 have announced the General Availability of their Managed OpenStack for VMware vSphere environments which adds to Platform9’s ability to manage KVM based environments with the SaaS based OpenStack Platform. They have also announced a new round of funding: Today Platform9 also announced that it has raised $10 million in Series B funding from […] Read More

NSX Bytes: Unable to Remove Logical Switch: Resources are still in use

I came across an situation today where I was doing a clean up of Logical Switches in my NSX Lab where I was unable to remove a logical switch due to it apparently still being in use. Not a very helpful error however this was due to the fact I had provisioned a few NSX Edges and vShield […] Read More

VMware Labs: Top 5 Flings

For those that are not aware, VMware has had their Lab Flings going for a number of years now and on the back of the latest release (ESXi Embedded Host Client) I spent some time looking through all the flings and I thought it be useful to produce a list of my Top 5 Flings. The list below […] Read More

Quick Tip: Re-IP VNX5300 …or any VNX

Our Operations Team where faced with an unfamiliar situation a few weeks back where we needed to re-ip an EMC VNX5300 that had it’s warranty extended and was relocated to a new Availability Zone. Generally once warranty terms and finance expire old SANs like this get returned to sender to be replaced by a newer […] Read More

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