Hard to believe that I’ve been using Veeam for over ten years now! This blog has been testament to how Veeam has always been close to Cloud and Service Providers with a lot of my original content on the site stemming from working with technologies like Backup & Replication and the day to day learnings that happens by early productization of vendor features and functionality.

When I started working on Veeam, the Cloud and Service Provider Program (VCSP) didn’t exist but smart service providers where using Veeam technologies not specifically built for Infrastructure as a Service offerings in their offerings. Regardless, Veeam emerged as one of the dominant players in Cloud and Service Provider backup. When the VCSP launched, it added immediate value to the technology and started one of the best partner based programs in the industry.

If you haven’t clicked on the link above, it’s worth having a look as I was able to find the original Veeam Press Release announcing the program had launched. That said, don’t just take my word for it… literally take my word for it and listen to the Podcast below where I describe the VCSP program and talk about its history and why it stands out in the service provider industry.

In this episode, Stephen Fennech hosts Anthony Spiteri (@AnthonySpiteri) of Veeam to discuss all things service provider with Veeam. It’s been 10 years since Veeam launched its Cloud and Service Provider Program and in that time it’s evolved to suit market needs, develop key technology capabilities and ensure the channel is always able to be profit with them. Check out the podcast!