Containers Everywhere…Are we really ready?

Depending on what you read, certain areas of the IT Industry are telling us that there is a freight train coming our way…and that train is bringing with it containers. With the recent release of container platforms from Microsoft and VMware it seems as though those that control the vast majority of the x86 platforms around the world […] Read More

NSX vCloud Retrofit: Overlapping Networks in vCD with NSX Virtual Wires

Part 4: vCloud Director Overlapping Networks: vCloud Director has the ability to allow Overlapping Network segments configurable from the Administration Tab of the vCD UI. Traditionally for those using VLAN backed External Networks and Network Pools this would represent a potential risk to clients if admins where not careful provisioning network resources. If the same […] Read More

VMware vCloud Director 8.0 Beta: #LongLivevCD

vCloud Air Network Service Providers take note…rumours of vCloud’s death where greatly exaggerated. Enterprise users…I still feel you are missing out on one of the best Cloud Management Platforms going around…however! The Beta program for vCD 8.0 (seems we have skipped 6 and 7) will go live from June 1st. As you can see below there […] Read More

VMworld 2015: Registration and Session ‘Liking’ Open

There are only 101 Days to go till VMworld 2015 with Registrations now Open and Session voting for this years event going live last week. Skimming through the 1400+ sessions listed on VMworld Site this years event promises to be filled with quality content and great discussion. The voting process isn’t really voting as such because there […] Read More

NSX vCloud Retrofit: vShield Edges Become Unmanageable – API Fix

If you are familiar with vCloud Director Edge Gateway Services you might have come across situations where Edges become unmanageable and you see the following options greyed out in the vCD UI. All Edge services remain functional, however no changes can be made. In environments where NSX has been retrofitted with an in place upgrade […] Read More

vCloud Air Network: Zettagrid Cloud Datacenter Signup and VM Provisioning

Earlier in the week I did up a post on the vCloud Air On Demand Signup Process. As I’ve blogged about in the past, VMware reaffirmed their commitment to their Service Provider Partners and created the vCloud Air Network Program with the idea that together with VMware’s own Public Cloud offering…partner Hosted Platforms based on […] Read More

VMTurbo: VMWorld Ticket Up For Grabs

It’s that time of year again! VMWorld 2015 will creep up upon us and before you know it we will all be scrambling for tickets and last minute flights and accommodation! VMTurbo are giving away Two Free Tickets to VMWorld 2015 in San Francisco. There are three separate Prize Draws…winners will need to make their […] Read More

Quick Post: One Stop Shop for ESXi Driver Downloads

Today I needed to update an Emulex NIC Driver for an new host that I installed using the VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2 base image. I needed to chase up the latest OEM update bundle for the elxnet drivers… Generally sourcing these driver bundles can be a bit of a pain but I remembered a conversation I […] Read More

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