This year was my third full year working for Veeam and my role being global, requires me to travel to locations and events where my team presents content and engages with technical and social communities. We also travel to various Veeam related training and enablement events throughout the year as well as customer and partner meetings where and when required. Compared to 2018, this year felt more organised from a travel point of view however I covered a lot more kms and was in the air for a lot longer.

One of the great things about this year was that I managed to incorporate a family holiday to England and Malta in July and was able to shutdown for a while. Besides the family holiday there where lots of highlights this year but the one that stands out was both Cloud Field Day 5 and Tech Field Day 20. The big difference this year compared with the previous years travel was a few more hops to the USA and Europe and much less ANZ travel. In fact I only visited Sydney and Melbourne 5 times in total. The other amazing trip was being able to go to our Presidents Club with my wife in Hawaii in April. Other highlights include presenting at VeeamON and the regional VeeamOn Forums and Tours and two trips to Prague to visit our R&D headquarters and be part of the Veeam Vanguard Summit for 2019.

So…what does all that travel look like?

Being homed in Perth, Western Australia I’m pretty much in the most isolated capital city in the world, meaning any flight is going to be significant. Even just flying to Sydney takes four to five hours…the same time it takes me to fly to Singapore. I love looking at stats and there are a number of tools out there that manage flight info. I use Tripit to keep track of all my tips, and there are now a number of sites and mobile application that let you import your flight data to analyse.

With that my raw stats for 2019 are shown below:

Trips 17/17/20
Days 104/102/146
Distance 262,769/291,866/400,614 km
Cities 24/20/27
Countries 9/10/13

As mentioned, in 2019 I covered a lot more kilometers. 146 days away equates to 40% travel which was blown out a little due to my holiday which was 25 of those days. Of those days I spent nearly 21.7 days total fly time in the air which when you think about it is amazing in it’s self. I took 78 flights with 32 domestic and 46 international.

I made it, 9.9x around the Earth, 1.04x to the moon and 0.00268 to the sun.

This year, FlightRadar24 painted the best picture of my travel year and allowed me to edit some strange imports from Tripit that AppInTheAir couldn’t deal with. Both versions and summaries are listed below!

So that’s a quick round up of what my year looked like living the life of a Global Technologist at Veeam. Let’s see how 2020 shapes up!

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