Cloud Field Day 10 has come and gone…and for the third time, I had the pleasure of presenting to the assembled delegates.. Again, while it was a different kind of event due to the ongoing travel restrictions and lack of in-person events, the feedback has been positive but just like the in person events, it is a thrill to be able to update the delegated, those tuning in on the livestream and through the long tail of the TFD Online Video content. To recap in brief, we presented on our strongest, most complete stack of Cloud Technologies as we focused on Backup for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud as well as our Service Provider Console and the cloud features included in v11 of Backup & Replication.

Well done to Stephen Foskett and GestaltIT for putting together #CFD10. Due to the virtual aspect of the event and with with Zoom we had the opportunity to spend time with the delegates in virtual breakout rooms after the presentation. We got to answer more questions after our session… a good addition.

Veeam Recap:

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Veeam Session Breakdown:

For a change, we had the early slot on the final day Friday from 11am-1pm Eastern and presented with a focus on our Public Cloud products and how they tie into our Service Provider offerings. David started the day with a Veeam overview and recap from the last 12 months, as we continued to show strong growth in an otherwise challenging market.

Next up, David took us through an overview of our now extended portfolio of products to protect the public cloud. We now have Veeam Backup for AWS, Azure and GCP as well as our strategy on overall management of these backup workloads.

Following on from that, we had Andrew Zhelezko demo an end to end scenario around the benefits of how Veeam unlocks workload mobility no matter where the workload originates. He shows our newest GCP product and continues the demo with Azure and AWS

Next I talked about the newly released Service Provider Console v5 and Veeam’s strong Service Provider play. I talk about the new features in v5 of Console and also tie up the demos in the previous section by showing how Service Providers can capture revenue with Console even when workloads move to the public cloud.

Finally, I take a very quick look at the cloud centric features of Backup & Replication v11… most of these will be fleshed out in v11 posts on this blog over the next few weeks… but for a quick look, have a watch below of the v11 Cloud Collective.