We are currently experiencing a period of Technical Acceleration. The current situation has forced businesses and people to modify their behaviors and pivot to new ways to do things to cope with the restrictions put in place to help bring things under control, specifically related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Like other times of global crisis before it, these periods in human history have been followed by almost immediate booms in technology and advanced thinking that leads to more innovation and expanded uses of technologies.

Times of need bring out the best in humanity and propel us forward in order to solve problems. To explore this topic a little further, we discussed this and more as the central theme in this weeks Veeam Product Strategy Live podcast… have watch/listen below!

In this episode we welcome special guest Dave Russell joining Anthony Spiteri, Melissa Palmer and David Hill to talk about technology acceleration during times of hardship and global challenges. We discuss how technology and innovation grows in times of crisis… usually for the better and along we way we discuss how this might impact every day businesses and the IT Industry.