I’ve recently gotten my hands on the new Mac Mini M1 which comes with MacOS Big Sur as the default operating system. Being new, and on Apple Silicon, I expected a few compatibility issues with some of my older MacOS usuals. Microsoft Teams is not M1 optimized and runs under rosetta 2. Teams is a seperate download and install from the core Office 365 Applications which are M1 optimized (Excluding OneDrive).

I was having an issue with Teams after entering my Veeam Work Organisation credentials, and logging in. After first apparent successful login, Teams would get stuck on the Loading Microsoft Teams window as shown below.

It would just sit there until it loaded a blank White Window in the background and then do no more.

The Quick Fix

I came across this Microsoft Support thread that didn’t seem to be that helpful, or offer and specific path to resolution. A couple of replies from Microsoft suggested a cleaning out of Cached files under the logged in users Library -> Caches -> com.microsoft.teams folder, but I didn’t have that folder in existence on my system. I did however have files under Library -> Application Support -> Teams. I cleared the contents of that folder and tried to fire up Teams again. This time is gave me the option to chose a login, so I chose the same Veeam account… only to have the same issue.

I went back again and cleared the contents of the same folder and fired up Teams another time.

This time I chose to Use another account and entered in my personal Outlook address.

This seemed to go through ok and did end up working, loading up a functional Teams Window for my personal account. I then Signed Out of the desktop application, closed it and then fired it up again. This time I logged in with my Veeam Business Account, went through the authentication process and this time… I had success! As a side note, the Library -> Caches -> com.microsoft.teams folder become populated on a successful login.

Being honest, I am not sure what has happened here, but it seems like the initial authentication with the business account failed in some way and its failed residual was left somewhere on the system and only clearing the Application Support -> Teams folder and logging into another account successfully seemed to unlock the issue. In any case I have a working Teams application and I don’t need to rely on the Web Based App for meetings etc.