This is a very very quick post to highlight that earlier this week we released v5b of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 (Build mainly to address enhancements to the RESTful API which has been driven mostly buy our Service Providers leveraging VBO for their Office365 Backup service offerings. There are also a number of resolved issues relating to general operations and configuration, Object Storage Repository fixes and specific backup and restore relating to performance and reliability.

Backing up something as big and complex with as many moving parts as Microsoft Office365 is challenging at scale and we continue to respond to customers and partners requests as this product continues to be our fastest growing ever.

Quick Look at the In-Built Upgrade Mechanism:

I’ve written about the much improved update features we are building into our products before, and below is an example of how easy it is now to upgrade Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

As soon as I launched the application I was greeted with the message below.

Veeam Backup for Office 365

Clicking on yes takes you to the next window that shows you what components have a new version pending.

Clicking on the What’s New gives you a quick look at what has changed and what is new in the update, which is a nice little feature and saves you having to go to the actual VeeamKB site.

From there the process is straight forward with the Installer services run (pending server restarts where you may have to go through the process again) directly from the Update feature.

API Enhancements in VBO v5b and Download Details:

In terms of RESTful API enhancements, we have looked to improve the speed of execution of APIs which, at scale improves the way our larger providers interact with the platform.

  • Optimized operations for faster execution of the (GET) /v5/Organizations REST API request.
  • Optimized operations for faster execution of the Get-VBOEntityData PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Optimized operations for faster execution of the following REST API requests in infrastructures where some of the remote proxies are offline:
    • GET) /v5/BackupRepositories/{backupRepoId}/backedupOrganizations
    • (GET) /v5/BackupRepositories/{backupRepoId}/OrganizationData
    • (GET) /v5/BackupRepositories/{backupRepoId}/UserData
    • (GET) /v5/Organizations/{organizationId}/usedRepositories
    • (GET) /v5/Reports/action for generating a Mailbox Protection report
  • Ability to quickly get basic properties of backup proxies, including offline remote proxies, via REST API and PowerShell:
    • using the “extendedView = false” with the (GET) /v5/Proxies or (GET) /v5/Proxies/{proxyId} requests
    • using the “ExtendedView” parameter with the Get-VBOProxy cmdlet.

Please confirm you are running Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 build or prior to installing this cumulative patch KB4135. You can check this under Help and Support > About in Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 console. After upgrading, your build version will change to

For those with the correct entitlements you can download the patch from the link in the VeeamKB or simply install it as shown above directly from the application. Don’t forget also, there is a Community Edition available that is free for up to 10 users.