HashiConf Digital gets underway shortly and will offer two days of product reveals, technical sessions and Lightning Talks attracting a huge number of attendees from around the devops world. It is free and open to all. I’m looking forward to attending a few sessions virtually to see what HashiCorp has to offer and to see how the industry reacts to HashiCorps new OSS products. Much like the European event earlier in the year, the event is relatively small and focused, with only two tracks to chose from. Though, my feel is that it is offering a more community based experience for those joining, which I think reflects the user and customer base of HashiCorp well.

I’m also looking forward to presenting a lightning talk around Enhancing Mundane Deployments with Terraform which is happening: Oct 16 | 01:05 PM – 01:20 PM US Eastern

Top Session Picks

Terraform is obviously my main area of interest here, but as an inaugural HashiCorp Ambassador, I am always looking to expand my understand of the other HashiCorps products beyond Terraform… I’m especially interested in Nomad after having installed and played with it a while back. There are also a few redacted sessions which will see some new OSS releases from Hashicorp come into focus after the keynote announcements.

With that, these are the sessions i’m looking forward to the most:

Day 1

HashiConf Day 1 Opening Keynote
Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp | Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp | Dave McJannet, HashiCorp
12:00 AM  – 01:00 AM | MAIN TRACK
Redacted HashiCorp Session
Pete Pacent, HashiCorp | Jeff Mitchell, HashiCorp
01:50 AM  – 02:30 AM | MAIN TRACK
Redacted HashiCorp Session
Rand Fitzpatrick, HashiCorp | Thor Hansen, HashiCorp
02:30 AM  – 03:10 AM | MAIN TRACK
Nomad Product Keynote
Yishan Lin, HashiCorp | Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp | Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp
04:30 AM  – 05:00 AM | MAIN TRACK

Day 2

Terraform Product Keynote
Robbie Th’ng, HashiCorp | Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp | Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp
01:20 AM  – 01:50 AM | MAIN TRACK
From CLI to Cloud and Back!
Kyle Ruddy, HashiCorp | Petros Kolyvas, HashiCorp
02:00 AM  – 02:40 AM | MAIN TRACK
Building the NAB Engineering Foundations With TFE
Andrew Brydon, National Australia Bank
02:40 AM  – 03:05 AM | BREAKOUT TRACK

On Demand Videos and Lightning Talks

There are also a number of on demand videos ready loaded into the platform as well as community submitted Lightning talks. The Lightning talks are similar to the vBrownBag Tech Talks in the VMware community, so i’m interested to see some of those to really get an understanding of what I don’t know in this vastly difference side of the IT industry.

Wrap Up

Overall this should be an interesting event for a company that has gained cult like following in the community with their strongly focused product set. The HashiConf Digital platform is now live and you can log in here. There will be recordings immediately following a session and you will be able to access all sessions on HashiCorp’s YouTube channel and Resource page after the conference.

Enjoy the event!