HashiConf Digital gets underway shortly and will offer three days of technical sessions and workshops attracting an estimated 6000 attendees from around the world and is open to all. My faith in virtual conferences was restored last week with a well executed VeeamON conference, so i’m looking forward to attending a few sessions virtually to see what HashiCorp has to offer. While held over three days, the event is relatively small and focused, with only two tracks to chose from. Though, my feel is that it is offering a more community based experience for those joining, which I think reflects the user and customer base of HashiCorp well.

Top Session Picks

Terraform is obviously my main area of interest here, but as an inaugural HashiCorp Ambassador, I am always looking to expand my understand of the other HashiCorps products beyond Terraform… I’m especially interested in Nomad after having installed and played with it a while back. Also interesting in attending some of the sessions from the ex-VMware guys who have made the jump.

With that, these are the sessions i’m looking forward to the most:

Day 1

Opening Keynote
Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO | Mitchell Hashimoto, Co-Founder and CTO
07:00 PM – 08:00 PM | MAIN TRACK
Alex Jauch, Cloud Platform Product Manager | Cody De Arkland, Technical Marketing, Consul
08:10 PM – 09:15 PM | MAIN TRACK
Panel: Kubernetes First Class Experience
Narayan Iyengar, Product Manager, Vault Ecosystem | Phil Sautter, Product Manager, Terraform Ecosystem
09:40 PM – 09:55 PM | MAIN TRACK

Day 2

Service Discovery With Consul on Kubernetes
Jacob Mammoliti, Consultant
08:45 PM – 09:10 PM | BREAKOUT TRACK
Unlocking Cloud With GitOps
Lachlan White, Community Advocate
09:25 PM – 09:50 PM | MAIN TRACK

Day 3

Automating Private SaaS Infrastructure Across AWS and GCP at Scale
Josh Beemster, Technical Operations Lead | João Luís, SRE
08:05 PM – 08:30 PM | BREAKOUT TRACK
Panel: Infrastructure-as-code and the Future of Terraform
Paul Hinze, VP, Engineering | Robbie Th’ng, Product Team, Terraform
09:10 PM – 09:25 PM | MAIN TRACK

On Demand Videos and Meet-ups

There are also a number of on demand videos ready loaded into the platform.

With a whole heap of Meet-ups planned as well.

Meet-ups are an opportunity for attendees to connect with one another on video over common topical interests. This could be product related, but also a more informal topic like gaming or discussing a bigger trend in the industry like multi-cloud or GitOps. Meet-ups are the heart of our community and open for anyone to host or attend. Request to create and host a meet-up here.

Wrap Up

Overall this should be an interesting event for a company that has gained cult like following in the community with their strongly focused product set. I like the touch of the Virtual Swag page… that even has a Spotify Playlist The HashiConf Digital platform is now live and you can log in here. Though one interesting, but not unexpected twist is that you will need to authenticate your log in with your GitHub login details. If you do not have a GitHub account, you will be prompted to create one. There will be recordings immediately following a session and you will be able to access all sessions on HashiCorp’s YouTube channel and Resource page after the conference.

Enjoy the event!