VeeamON has come and gone for another year but for those that might not have been able to virtually attend last week, the VeeamON Virtual Online Platform will be up and running for some time yet. This means you can still catch all of the sessions On Demand as well as the General and Technical Main Sessions. There was a lot of great feedback out of last week’s event, one of which was the strong technical delivery of the sessions. When holding an event like this, be it in person or virtual, the aim is to offer balanced content for all attendees. However, VeeamON has always been known as a tech first conference, resulting in high quality sessions that are immediately useful for our customers and partners.

With that in mind, i’ve gone through and listed my top 5 top technical sessions from last weeks event. As a reminder, to view these sessions and every single other session, you will need to register here, and then login to the online platform. The platform doesn’t allow for external links direct to the sessions, so you will need to search for them once logged in. Note that each session was repeated three times so you can choose any variant of the EAST, WEST or APJ label.

Maxing Out Performance in Veeam Availability Suite v10
Petr Makarov, Vyacheslav Kuznetsov

This is a great session and one which was widely praised for being deep and to the point. But really hones in on how to drive the most performance from your Backup & replication servers.


Linux Repositories to the Rescue!
Tom Sightler

This session was again, widely praised online during the event with Tom going through what it takes to create the ultimate Linux Repository. Tom takes us deep into the working of ZFS and XFS as well as looking at security best practices.


Veeam At Scale By the Numbers
Jeff Reichard, Michael Leworthy, Edwin Weijdema

I enjoyed this session because it provided a deep dive into some of our largest deployments with specific numbers… I think it blows are the old tired perception that Veeam can’t scale.

Troubleshooting Common VMware Issues
Denis Churaev

I actually really enjoyed this session from Denis, who is a Team Leader in our EMEA Customer Support team. He dig into the bones of our logging as well as VMware vCenter and ESXi logs to troubleshoot common issues. Worthwhile as a reference for those working with Veeam and VMware technologies.

vCloud Director Use Cases
Timothy Hudson, Chris Arceneaux

Tim and Chris host a session around best practice for vCloud Director, so clearly it was always going to be in my top five list

Bonus Session!

Cumulonimbus – Cloud Tier Deep Dive & Best Practices
Dustin Albertson, Anthony Spiteri

I am going to plug my own session with Dustin… but only because we do go deep into the Cloud Tier and the new Copy Policy and Immutability features that came with v10. We even have a glossary!

As a bonus bonus, I always enjoy listening to The Cube guys giving their own roundup and thoughts on the event and this year was no different.