This morning the VeeamON 2020 Technical Session was held, and while we where not able to be physically presenting this from a main stage at The Aria in Las Vegas, Danny Allan and Anton Gostev where able to deliver ninety minutes of technology goodness which was watched by many thousands of people online. This year we showcased new technology features and enhancements across four of our product sets and announced some key advancements in existing features that in my opinon will look to strengthen our position as a leader in the backup industry.

The key to everything Veeam does is to keep true to our principals of Simple, Reliable and Flexible all within a true software defined, hardware agnostic platform. Danny Allan took us through the state of the union and how we are acting upon Veeam’s vision around Cloud Data Management. In a nutshell, we are not really interested in jumping on industry buzz for the sake of a good marketing slogan. We are all about backup! It starts with backup and we do that extremely well. Everything else flows from a solid core platform built upon reliable backup technology. That is what we continue to build upon.

v11 – Google Cloud Storage, Archive Tier, Instant SQL and NAS

Anton Gostev laid the foundation for the top line new features and enhancements in Backup & Replication v11. @michaelcade1 then demoed those features. I’m not going to go through in detail as I will put together a seperate post on this tomorrow but believe when I say that v11 is going to be another significant release for us.

Those top line features mentioned in the technology keynote are:

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Scale Out Backup Enhancements
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Archive Tier and Amazon Glacier/Deep Archive and Azure Blob Archive
  • Instant Recovery
    • Any Backup to Hyper-V
    • NAS Backup as File Share
    • MSSQL and Oracle Databases

This is just the tip of v11… we can’t share more at the moment…except the fact that we are finally releasing a Veeam Agent for macOS!

Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5

This is all about Teams backup and recovery. While we added support to backup Teams data in v4 the recovery process was not straightforward. It worked, but there was a lot of effort in getting the data back and reconstructing it for use. In the v5 demo @vmiss33 showed off the new capability we have with Teams backup and recovery. Teams is now a first class citizen in VBO and has its own Explorer which is used for restore operations.

Backup for AWS v2

This is actually out now and comes just six months after the release of v1. This new version (available from AWS Marketplace now) includes new features like Snapshot Replication that replicates Amazon EBS snapshots across AWS accounts and regions. Changed block tracking that only reads blocks that have changed since the last backup or replica. A fresher more functional UI, including a new policy wizard and an enhanced cost estimation tool. We have improved the FLR experience and tightened up the security around that. Exposed the RESTful API for automation and added the ability to import/export policies in JSON. We have also improved the setup/guidance around IAM roles and added an awesome Update UI that keeps the underlying Linux Appliance up to date.

For an overview of VBAv2, check out this blog post from Niels Engelen.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator v3

Finally we covered the enhancements around the new version of VAO. From adding the ability to replicate from backups you can have verified and documented recoverability. We also announced a new SKU called the DR Pack that bundles VBR with VAO. In v3 we have added the ability to integrate with NetApp SnapMirror for storage level replication of workloads. Protecting NetApp storage is a significant step for VAO if you think about the amount of storage systems we support as part of the VBR Universal API. I’d like to see more out of VAO for Service Providers, but at the moment it fits a niche for Enterprises.