What can I say…it’s been a long time between drinks and looking back on the past couple of years it’s certainly been a frustrating time for us in the tech industry. As technologists, we haven’t really been able to do the job that we love…that thing is attending events, networking and talking about the technology that our companies create and innovate around. I actually started writing this blog post a couple weeks ago, and at the time, the Covid pandemic was the only thing (I say only like it is nothing) worrying us. Fast forward to me completing this post and we have more sinister/extensional threats to deal with as a global community which in turn impacts the technology industry.

Barring the worst case scenario, the show must go on and as I finish off this post, VeeamOn 2022 is back this year and at the Aria where my Veeam journey began in 2015!

Hybrid is the New Normal

Hopefully, with what appears to be the worst part of the pandemic behind and an as peaceful resolution to the current situation in Ukraine behind us, we can look forward to events starting to become more than normality and for in-person events to happen on a more regular cadence. Looking back at the end of last year there were a number of events that went in a hybrid mode, the biggest one being AWS reinvent. Having talked to people that were on the ground at the event it seemed like it worked well. Of course in this world we all have to be aware of COVID protocols and we all have to do our part to remain safe while attending these events. For people enduring the travel to get to these events moving forward… a little COVID health and safety pain will be tolerated.

VeeamON 2022!

So, nearly three years after last in-person VeeamON at Miami, VeeamON 2022 has been announced and the website has been live for a few weeks now. We will be hosting it from May 16 to 19 in Las Vegas at the Aria resort. The Aria holds a special place for me personally, as it was the location of my first VeeamON back in 2015. And as you can see below… a younger me had a great first VeeamON experience!

Register Your Spot!

As mentioned, the website has gone live this week and there’s an opportunity to save your spot.

Given VeeamON 2022 will be a hybrid event some things are going to be a lot different for example, they’ll be virtual content and in-person content. The virtual pass is free and attendees will be able to access this content during the event. For the in-person event there’s a conference pass as well as training and certification. The conference pass is limited to only 1500 seats this is obviously to make sure that we can hold this hybrid event in a comfortable safe way. In terms of the certification there’s VMCE & VMCA training which will be held on May 14 to 16.

Suffice to say, myself and the rest of the Veeam Team who are attending and presenting are seriously looking forward to this event. It’s going to be jam packed as well… believe me… i’ve seen the working agenda.

Register your Interest to save your spot!