At VeeamON 2022 a couple weeks ago, Dustin Albertson and myself presented a session on what Object Storage functionality is going to look like in v12 of Veeam Backup & Replication. With BETA2 now out and available through your local SEs, we are encouraging our enthusiast community to try out the next Object Storage support along with the other new features in v12.

For Object Storage, we are now on our fourth iteration of features and functionality and at every release, Dustin and I had had the pleasure of presenting at VeeamON, starting in 2019 in Miami. This time around we took a new approach to how we have implemented our Object Storage, and we explain what has changed between v11 and v12. Probably the most anticipated feature we have ever released, in Direct to Object Storage Repositories is covered as well as the new format and the ever expanding use cases for the use of Object Storage to store you backups.

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v12 changes the game with object storage, truly becoming a first-class storage option. This session with Anthony Spiteri and Dustin Albertson will cover everything from immutability in new places to the highly anticipated capability to write backups directly to object storage.

The Session from VeeamON was released openly on the home page of the event along with both Technology and General Sessions under The Best of VeeamON… while the rest of the v12 sessions are waiting to be published to the On-Demand section, you can sink your brain into the goodness that is v12 Object Storage.

For Future On-Demand Sessions, Note that you will need to register… but with a trip on offer to VeeamON 2023 in Miami up for grabs… it’s worth the price of admission.

Note: Screen shots and technical discussion points are subject to change based on existing BETA period.