VeeamON has come and gone for another year but for those that might not have been able to virtually attend last week, the VeeamON Virtual Online Platform will be up and running for some time yet. This means you can still catch all of the sessions On Demand as well as the General and Technical Main Sessions. There was a lot of great feedback out of last week’s event, one of which was the strong technical delivery of the sessions. When holding an event like this, be it in person or virtual, the aim is to offer balanced content for all attendees. However, VeeamON has always been known as a tech first conference, resulting in high quality sessions that are immediately useful for our customers and partners.

With that in mind, i’ve gone through and listed my top 5 top sessions from last weeks event. As a reminder, to view these sessions and every single other session, you will need to register and login here, The platform doesn’t allow for external links direct to the sessions, so you will need to search for them once logged in.

Note that most session was repeated three times so you can choose any variant of the EAST, WEST or APJ label.

VeeamON Exclusive: V11 — 3 Months In With Anton Gostev

Anton Gostev, Hannes Kasparick, Rick Vanover

One of the few live live sessions, but I think this was a brilliant insight into what is coming from Veeam and Anton was as open as ever when discussing elements of product development and features that are being looked at. There is also a really interesting retrospective look at how v11 features have been going since v11 went GA earlier this year.

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Kubernetes Backup Best Practices Meets Pac Man

Michael Cade, Dean Lewis

A popular session not sure because of the fact it is breaking down Kubernetes, but provides a fun look at the real world implications of data loss and recovery of that data/application using Kasten K10.

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Veeam and Cyberthreats Part 1 & 2

Matt Price, Beason Wilkes

I actually really enjoyed both sessions, and it was more to do with the interaction and back and forth between Matt and Beason. Ransomware is sometimes an overplayed, dry subject, but this session does a good job of explaining how Veeam’s mobility and cloud features helps add additional layers of protection against malicious attacks.


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Peeling the Onion: K8s on VMware

Vaibhav Kamra

Kasten CTO, Vaibhav takes us through containers and Kubernetes on VMware. Going through the three different options, BYO, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) and VMware with Tanzu and shows how to deploy Kubernetes in a vCenter and then show Kasten K10 to protect applications.

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General Session: The Future of Modern Data Protection

Bill Largent, Danny Allan, Anton Gostev

I wouldn’t normally pick a general session in my top five session picks, but looking through the On-Demand catalog it was hard to go past this session. Danny was dynamic, Bill was reassuring and Anton was Anton as they worked their way in putting forward Veeam’s current market position as well as looking a little into our future. Worth a watch if you haven’t already done so!

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Bonus Sessions!

Object Storage! The Future of Backup Destination?

Dustin Albertson, Anthony Spiteri

I am going to plug my own session with Dustin again… We are back for a third year in a row talking about Veeam’s Object Storage support for the Scale Out Backup Repository!

VeeamON Top Session


Pro-Partner Section (Password Required)

Veeam for Service Providers – Engineering New Cloud Opportunities

Anthony Spiteri, Luca Dell’Oca

For the first time, Anthony and Luca come together to demonstrate how Veeam® continuously innovates backup, recovery, cloud and service administration capabilities to support cloud and managed service providers. This dynamic duo will cover enhancements from V11, top features you may not be using today and how you can optimize your services to stay proactive and solve customer challenges.

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