Though Kubernetes has made significant headways into being accepted as the way forward in terms of how modern applications are developed, deployed and managed, the reality of the ecosystem that exists around containers and cloud native platforms is still not set and continues to be a shifting proposition for IT operations to navigate. This means that even though we have table stakes in the new Managed Kubernetes world were a Kubernetes cluster can be deployed within minutes from a few clicks and with relative ease, everything else, to a certain degree, still remains somewhat complex. For Service Providers and Enterprises looking to deploy, managed and maintain Kubernetes clusters and retain control over security and automation there are few options that fit the bill.

This is where Rafay comes into play and recently, I had Haseeb Budhani to talk about how Rafay offers not only a Managed Kubernetes platform, but also looks to focus on security and application deployment and management. Aimed at Enterprises and Service Providers, I’ve been impressed with Rafay’s platform and what it offers out of the box with Blueprints and integrations into GitOps and Terraform some of the notable features.

Watch and listen to Episode 29 of Great Things with Great Tech (episode segments listed below):

Episode 29 – Rafay | Great Things with Great Tech

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  • Intro (0:00)
  • Haseeb’s background and startup culture (1:20)
  • Rafay founding and reason for starting a Managed Kubernetes platform (5:45)
  • Rafay platform is innovative and impressive (9:10)
  • Solving the problem of trusting Kubernetes in the Enterprise (9:50)
  • vCenter as a turnkey example of what managed Kubernetes should be (11:20)
  • Deploying applications with efficiency and trust (14:20)
  • Rafay Web Interface, CLI and API (15:30)
  • The 5 Key Capabilities of Rafay (19:35)
  • Cloud Native Ecosystem wild west (23:47)
  • Governance and Security (24:55)
  • Service Provider pitch and Verizon partnership and SaaS (26:50)
  • The state of Kubernetes today (32:50)
  • Education and the need to preach (36:10)
  • Rafay continued innovation and KubeVirt (39:42)
  • Wrap-up and callouts (44:10)

In this episode I talk with Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder and CEO at Rafay. Rafay enables developers to automate the distribution, operations, scaling and lifecycle management of containerized #microservices across public and private clouds, and service provider networks. Rafay’s Managed #Kubernetes platform is built around foundational elements that together deliver an optimal abstraction layer across disparate infrastructure, making it easy for developers to scale and operate applications across any number of locations or regions. Haseeb and I talk about how Rafay’s platform significantly simplifies the deployment of containerized apps anywhere and how organizations can achieve desired levels of reliability, availability and performance with any combination of public cloud environments through a dev friendly SaaS offering.

Rafay was founded in 2017 and is head quartered out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley.

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