Those reading my blog and social feeds over the last few years know how much of a fan of automation and infrastructure as code I am. I never profess or claim expert level skills, but I’ve been able to hack around some useful tools and entry level ideas from which others can build off. I’ve mainly worked with Terraform and that is what got me interested in env0. The ability to automate your Terraform and Terragrunt applys or plans while getting visibility, predictability and governance on your cloud deployments including unique costings and allow for controls that empower teams with self-service for Infrastructure as Code makes env0 an interesting prospect.

The secret to env0’s nearly infinite extensibility lies in Custom Flows. They give you the ability to insert hooks into the deployment process to extend your IaC capabilities. You can run any type of code, at any point in the deployment process. Before or After Terraform Init/Plan/Apply, and even Destroy/Error.

Watch and listen to Episode 19 of Great Things with Great Tech (episode segments listed below):

  • Into and Talking GTwGT (0:00)
  • Origin of env0 Company Name (1:54​)
  • History, Founding and what env0 solves (3:00​)
  • SaaS Based Infrastructure as Code and TACOS (5:10​)
  • HashiCorp and Terraform (6:30​)
  • IaC Collaboration and Issues (7:50​)
  • Built in RBAC, Approval and Workflows (11:01​)
  • DevOps problems and Locking them down (13:20​)
  • Custom Flows and Tagging (15:26
  • Terratag and Cost over Time Deployment analysis (21:30​)
  • Use Cases and Platform Support (25:01​)
  • Disruption and Innovation (26:30​)
  • Wrap Up and call outs (29:40​)

In this episode I talk with Tim Davis, Developer Advocate at env0. env0 does awesome stuff with awesome automation tools! They develop a SaaS based Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) management platform that helps businesses master cloud infrastructure with environment provisioning, cloud governance, and workflow tools. Tim and I discuss how the env0 platform is the first cloud management platform built to enable self-service with complete governance and cost control while offering separation and control of dev and ops.

env0 was founded in 2018. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley