We have one more to go! One more Major Veeam Virtual Event for the year and we have worked hard to ensure that even with all the virtual fatigue, Veeam Live is not to be missed! I am actually pretty excited about being involved with this event as it is for the most, actually, legitimately live. Apart from a few pre-recorded booth sessions, all of the listed agenda session will be delivered live and in real time in 30 minutes. This makes it a little challenging for me as the day kicks off at 9:45am US Eastern and rolls through until 4pm US Eastern…that works out to be 9:45pm to 4am my time here in Perth, but I’ll be working around that to be there end to end!

The Veeam Product Strategy Team covered the event in detail on YouTube… for those that would rather read about the top rated content at Veeam Live… continue reading below.

New v11 Features and Enhancements

This wasn’t added to the agenda until a couple weeks ago, but the timing was right for Michael Cade and myself to present the Veeam Backup & Replication v11 Top 11 Hottest New Features (not announced) which will actually be more than eleven total features, but grouped together to unleash more goodness coming in our next major release. We are excited to have the opportunity to present this, so if you are an existing Veeam customer or partner and want to find out more about v11, then make sure to tune in at 3:10pm US Eastern!

More on our Kasten Acquisition

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, we acquired Kasten for the backup and disaster recovery of Kubernetes workloads and the timing is also great for us to dive deeper into the reasons behind the acquisition and gain more insights into what problems Kasten are solving in the Kubernetes space. There is a session with David Hill and Vaibhav Kamra on Kubernetes data protection best practices with Kasten by Veeam. This will be in addition to Kasten getting some decent airtime during the opening and closing Keynotes with Danny Allan.

My Top Session Picks

Apart from v11 and Kasten, there are a number of awesome sessions during the day, many of which are presented my members of the Product Strategy Team. All sessions have a similar thought leadership narrative and all include interactions with analysts, customers or partners.

  • Hybrid backup and DRaaS with VCSPs (Tue Oct 20, 11:20 AM – 11:50 AM EDT / 11:20 PM) – This is me, talking with one of our great Veeam Cloud and Service Providers and our joint customer in Make a Wish on how they have leveraged PheonixNAP’s Veeam offerings to enable a multi-cloud strategy towards data protection and recovery.
  • A Current and Future Look at Data Storage (1:55 PM – 2:25 PM EDT / Wed Oct 21) – Michael Cade delivers this interesting subject matter… Protecting this data and ensuring its availability is vital, as the need for uninterrupted data access has never been greater, nor service level agreements (SLAs) more stringent.
  • Data protection at enterprise scale: How Rabobank protects more than 12,000 VMs and 3PB of data (Tue Oct 20, 1:55 PM – 2:25 PM EDT) – Some competitors still say that Veeam doesn’t scale… that really has never been the case in all the time i’ve used Veeam in production it has always done the job. This session looks at one of our customers who have some serious scale… without doubt you can’t get that from an appliance! 
  • Stay ahead of data protection with Veeam’s proactive monitoring and alerting (Tue Oct 20, 2:35 PM – 3:05 PM EDT) – Melissa and Kirsten take us into the world of Veeam One which is a sometimes forgotten, but very powerful product of ours. This session shouldn’t be missed if you have often wondered about what Veeam One can do.

Agenda and Registration Links

Finally, a full Agenda can be found here: https://www.veeamlive.com/agenda

And the Free Registration can be done here: https://www.veeamlive.com/page/1598170/join-for-free