Veeam acquired Kasten last month and for those that maybe wondering why a lot of us internal to Veeam are super excited about this taking place I thought I would get Kasten’s Co-Founder, Niraj Tolia onto Great Things with Great Tech to talk about all things Kubernetes backup, disaster recovery and mobility. There is almost no better person going around today to talk about were Kubernetes and containerization are placed in the IT industry today… and where it is going.

There is no doubting Kubernetes has arrived as the new wave following on from VMware and virtualization. That said, both Infrastructure and DevOps alike need to be aware holistically of all platforms (physical, virtual and container) that run both modern cloud native and what are now traditional applications.  Kubernetes hasn’t fully matured and we are still in the early days… Niraj gives fascinating insights into the very early days and how he saw an opportunity to build a company around the backing up of everything that goes into making an application run within a Kubernetes platform.

Watch and listen (episode segments listed below):

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Kasten background and company info (1:58)
  • Early days of Kubernetes (4:25)
  • Niraj’s Background in Storage (5:20)
  • Transitioning from Physical to Virtual to Containers (7:50)
  • Kasten’s Founding and Funding (7:58)
  • Kasten Culture (10:50)
  • Veeam Acquisition (13:30)
  • Kubernetes and what it means in IT at the moment (16:20)
  • Cloud Native Native vs Traditional IT (18:00)
  • Abstraction Layers of Tech (21:00)
  • Thinking Differently About Storage (22:00)
  • Kubernetes Driving Application Mobility (24:00)
  • Why Backup Kubernetes and how Kasten does it (27:01)
  • K10 Introduction and Architecture (31:25)
  • How Kubernetes impacts Backups for organizations (34:20)
  • Current adoption of Kubernetes now and in the future (36:10)
  • How Kasten disrupted and continuing to innovate (41:05)
  • Wrap-up and callouts (45:10)

In this Great Things with Great Tech episode I talk with Niraj Tolia, President, GM and Co-Founder at Kasten. Kasten simplifies the operational management of stateful cloud-native applications for #Kubernetes. The K10 Platform for Kubernetes #Backup and DR provides an enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of Kubernetes applications. Niraj and I talk through the brief but eventful history of Kasten leading up to and beyond the #Veeam acquisition. We also spend a lot of time talking about how Kubernetes is changing the IT landscape and going deep into the WHY and HOW of protecting Kubernetes workloads with Kasten.

Kasten was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Altos, California, USA.


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