Cloud Field Day 8 has come and gone…it always amazes me the amount of preparation leading up to these events. We take them very seriously and while it was a different kind of event due to Covid-19, the feedback has been positive and just like the in person events, it is a thrill to present to the virtual delegates and to those tuning in on the livestream. This time around, Veeam presented on our Cloud Technologies as we focused on Backup for AWS and Azure, Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and finally on our Cloud and Service Provider program and the Service Provider Console.

As usual, well done to Stephen Foskett and GestaltIT for putting together #CFD8 with the added challenges of a scattered remote production. One of the different aspects of having this virtual via Zoom is that we had the opportunity to spend time with the delegates in virtual breakout rooms. This was a nice addition and gave us a chance to answer more questions after our session.

Veeam Recap:

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Veeam Session Breakdown:

We had the very first early slot on the Wednesday from 8am-10am Eastern and presented around three main topics as well as a very quick re-introduction to Veeam and how we are doing in the market today.

David, took us through Veeam Backup for AWS and Azure. These products are still young but we have a very aggression release cycle planned which will allow us to add enhancements and features as the follow the cadence.

Following that, Michael took us through something that we hadn’t shown at Tech Field Day yet… our fastest growing product in Veeam history, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. Most importantly Michael showed what is coming in v5 and that is full Teams support for the backup and recovery of the Teams collaboration platform, featuring a new Explorer for Teams.

Finally, I put the focus on our Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Program which celebrated its 10th birthday earlier this year. I then looked at self service for Backup for Microsoft Office 365 can be achieved by our Service Providers either through the Explorer for Exchange or by custom written code that leverages our APIs. Finally I (re)introduced the Veeam Service Provider Console, walked through the main console and gave an exclusive first look at what is coming in the v5 release.

See you at all Tech Field Day 22!!!