Last week, Veeam Availability Console v4 ( was released. With this major update, The Veeam Availability Console is now the Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC aka The Console aka Console). This name change reflects the commitment to this platform by Veeam as the central console that provides management and monitoring of Veeam Cloud and Service Provider offerings. Console v4 not only builds on the previous releases, but also cements its self as a critical component of any Veeam powered service provider offering.

Veeam Service Provider Console contains everything you need to stand up a Veeam-powered services business. Whether you’re looking to offer remote managed services for your customers’ on-premises environments or manage your multi-tenant Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud backup or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings, Veeam Service Provider Console has you covered. Veeam Service Provider Console is offered FREE to current Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners. Not in the program? It’s free to join with no obligation to buy.

Headlining What’s new in v4.0

If you want to get the complete low down on what’s included in this release, the What’s new document can be accessed here. I counted over 30+ new features and enhancements which is significant in it’s self.

There is a dedicated post that goes into detail about the features listed below.

  • Usage Reporting 2.0
  • New RESTful APIs v3 in Preview
  • Extended Plugin Support for ConnectWise Products
  • Usability and Operations Enhancements
  • Platform Support

Best of the Rest

The UI has had some enhancements related to a new Protected Data view which can be viewed by both Service Providers and Resellers. With this view they can see what workloads are protected for agents computers, VMs and new NAS File Shares (as part of v10 supportability). There have been some improvements in the Agent backup view and Summary Dashboards also show NAS File Shares. From a Cloud Connect point of view, users can delete cloud backups after removing a company from the UI.

Alarms have been given a facelift with an enhanced engine with new job alarms for Backup Copy with Immediate Copy (v10 Feature) and NAS File Share Backup (v10 Feature). There are also new alarms for license auto-update tracking. From a security point of view the is a new Read-Only role for UI access and a Company Administrator role to look after multiple accounts in the organization.

A small feature but one that was highly requested was the ability to customize Welcome Emails and one of my favourite new features is the new patch and update notification which will be displayed for the service provider in the UI.

An additional Plugin that monitors the usage of the new RESTful APIs can be configured by service providers via a pre-defined Grafana dashboard. This is a POC Plugin that I hope will lead to bigger things in terms fo extensibility.

Platform Supportability:

This release also delivers full support for all recently shipping Veeam products including Veeam Backup & Replication 10 Including NAS File Backup, Cloud Connect enhancements and more vCloud Director support and integration as well at more integration with Agent for Microsoft Windows v4. Service providers can also use tenants and all users created in vCloud Director for company creation and backup portal user logins.

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