Since version 9.5 Update 4 of Veeam Backup & Replication we have had support to firstly move, then copy (as part of v10) backup data from what is, traditionally more expensive local storage, to cheaper storage backed by an offsite or on-premises Object Storage Platform. As part of v11 (Launching on the 24th of February) we are introducing a third tier to our Scale Out Backup Repository (SOBR) called the Archive Tier. This new type of repository will be backed by Amazon S3 Glacier and Azure Blob/Archive Tier and works to add a cheaper and deeper long term parking destination for backup data.

While there will be a ton of information coming out about Archive Tier and other Scale Out Backup Enhancements as part of v11, I wanted to give a quick look at how easy it is to add an Archive Tier Extent to an existing SOBR configured with Capacity Tier.

Quick Look at Configuration

As can be seen below I had a SOBR configured with two Performance Tier extents and a Amazon S3 Capacity Tier extent. From here I created a new Archive Tier extent, backed by Amazon S3 Glacier

Once done, adding the Archive Tier to an existing SOBR is as easy as checking a box in the SOBR configuration

Once that has been done, I triggered an initial Archive Job to get data sitting in the Capacity Tier, over to the Archive Tier in a process called Archiving. As you can see below, the mechanism for moving data across are put into action, including the provisioning of EC2 Proxy/Data Mover Appliances that are dynamically provisioned.

As can be seen below, the VBR server is talking to those EC2 instances as part of the archiving process.

The Archive Tier is now populated with GFS backup data from the Capacity Tier, which significantly reduces the storage consumption on the Capacity Tier its self.

Wrap Up:

Again, there is going to be a lot more information and content around the Archive Tier once v11 goes GA. As you can see from what I showed above, extending your existing SOBR to include a new Tier from which to configure policy based management of backup data is as easy as a few configuration steps. Once that has been completed you should realise savings straight away in terms of the bulk of longer term backup data now living on exponentially cheaper storage. The benefits of Veeam’s Object Storage integrations are becoming even stronger!