I’ve written before about how AWS offers complex simplicity when it comes to its plethora of service offerings. Without some education, the average user isn’t going to be able to login, create an instance and have an application configured without some prior knowledge. There is a lot of implied learning of AWS’s console and service architecture required to get stuff working right. Lightsail offers a “dumbed” down experience to deliver a simple way to provision base Windows or Linux instances as well as deploy turnkey web applications from Bitnami. I stumbled across it (even though it has been around for a number of years) this week and was able to deploy a new WordPress site in less than two minutes.

For a quick intro and overview, watch the video below:

Amazon Lightsail is an Amazon cloud service that offers bundles of cloud compute power and memory for new or less experienced cloud users. … Amazon Lightsail derives its compute power from an EC2 instance and repackages it for customers who are new or inexperienced with cloud.

Though in reality experienced users will appreciate the easy integration with core AWS services as you can easily connect a VPC and other services up to the deployed Lightsail services. The target audience is low end websites, but whatever the size of your site, Lightsail will host it on the same AWS compute platform across all available regions. It’s been created to compete with the likes of other Cloud and IaaS providers that where offering no fuss, low end hosting options at a low price point. Lightsail is affordable in that the cost is a known entity, which is a key selling point.